About Gate Arm Technologies

GateArm Technologies, Inc. was the first company to develop the first affordable LED GateArm for Communities with 3 active Patents on our design and function.  Our company revolutionized the way GateArms look and how easy they can been seen in the day or night. Our perfectly designed Red Led arm will stay red anytime it’s in motion letting vehicles know that there is always caution when entering or exiting. 
Our new Red and Green LED GateArms : Green NOW MEANS GO in ONLY OUR LED GateArms ! Our Red and Green GateArms do NOT turn Green the second it gets an open signal or while it’s opening and NOT in the fully open position. Most all companies use a digital signal that will always turn the arm Green while the arm is still in motion and raising to the up position.
Our Red and Green LED Arm uses a magnet cam that attaches to the gearbox of the operator. This was manufactured this way so even in the worst case scenario when something does not work on the operator or if the GateArm does not go to the UP position OUR Arm will not turn Green. It relies on the gearbox shaft that moves the arm up and down to sense when to turn the arm Green or Red. If something breaks and the arm does not go up our arm will not turn Green. This is a huge problem with companies that have tried to copy our LED arms. When the arm Turns Green the second it starts to go to the up position is just bad news and tells the driver it’s OK to go when it’s not OK to go until the arm is in or almost in the full up position.